Bank of Ideas

Making the dream come true

Executive Summary

A system that unifies companies and product ideas in business, selling process ideas, unfinished products and the business itself.

Managed to provide better interaction between creator, performer and investor, giving ownership and credibility to startups, franchises and / or brands that are consolidated in the market.


An experience of this is a very fine mix of stock exchange concepts, social networking, startup, blockchain in a negotiating environment that streamlines the relationship between the negotiating parties. Totally innovative design never before implemented.


Make the business relationship (item) between parties faster and decrease the number of intermediaries by making the creation, investment and acquisition of knowledge projects accessible to all levels of society.

Company mission

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial success by investing intelligently and securely by providing information and products in an unbiased manner.

Company vision

We believe that knowledge and freedom of choice can change as the Brazilian invests.

Company values

Innovation, independence, education

Keys to success

The modern concept that all people can relate directly, not only in private and private environment, political and financial public under guardianship, but now in direct and unrestricted business environment.

Having a currency of our own gives us the power to review every business done in the environment and can shape and shape the blockchain to our needs.

Business description

Thought as a weight and counter weight network, where the number of trades subsidizes and guarantees the volume of traded products, such as a selling company, cash flow maintaining the virtual and physical structure, such as a stock exchange, a free environment for business between individuals over companies with a sophisticated negotiation structure, Banco de Ideias will be the startup that will connect fintecs, social networks, and managers of all kinds.

Legal Entity/Company Property

The type of company will be described as a S.A. but will not be on the stock exchange initially. It will be a privately owned microenterprise (according to Brazilian law). (to verify necessary documentation, characteristics in the commercial board, check accounting and legal compatibilities)

Accounting and legal part (outsourced) for adequacy of accounting and legal proceedings.


The company will be hosted on a server of its own, so that it can meet the demands of change and demand that may arise, the server will be in place to decide with several servers if necessary. The most important about locale will be the domain of the site which must be a .com.


The page looks similar to an auction site with groups for finding people, places, types of businesses, and values.

By viewing the page you will have all your business information, which companies, projects or ideas have already been bought and how much you sold, as a segmented explanatory financial account.

When viewing another user's page you will see basic information about the person, confidence index and products they are trading. By opening the tab of each product specific information of each item that brings credibility to it.

Prepare legal drafts (acquisition and other types of transactions) to be chosen to enter the blockchain when needed. (prepare a contract for each activity available).

Environment divided into tabs corresponding to personal information, companies that manages (with all legal documentation), products and processes (duly registered and patented) to trade with companies, business environment (where there will be Transactions between system users), the blockchain system for verifying all transactions performed, information environment with statistics and reports.

Hours of operation

The site will operate in full time, and the management will be from 8:00 to 18:00 hours.

To avoid a hard break, the trading hours of the companies will be from 9:00 to 17:00 hours as well as the stock exchange. There may be 30-minute stops during the day to avoid strong speculations in the middle of the day.

Products and services

The main product is business negotiation and / or company ideas, products and processes. Reducing bureaucracy between the parties, bringing speed and credibility in negotiations between the parties, bringing knowledge of legislation, structure of companies, registration of ideas and brands and even patents, thus improving the business environment and making it more productive. Bringing prospects together has made them a more productive business environment.

As we work with digital currencies there will be a digital wallet for exchanging currencies between the parties (people), also described in the blockchain for better dispersion of coins.

Separating by business niches and business activity area.

Outsourced service

Sale of accounting legal service to adjust the company to the business model to be included in the platform.

Company Opening Manual (IPO).

Selling propaganda inside the media.


Maintain server payments and equipment maintenance.

Legal and accounting payments.


The heart of the proposed business is to connect several groups of people who transform a business:

The thinkers: Researchers, developers (scholars) and scholars to propose new ways to implement make and / or new products.

The Executors: Who gets their hands dirty and turns the business into reality.

Investors: People willing to believe and profit together with other groups through an initial contribution.

Making a curatorship indicating the best investments, the safest and the most profitable, generating value to the product that will be negotiated.


Opening of negotiation respecting the IPO opening, as described below. All documents must be updated and open to investor analysis, if it is not subject to system penalties with the loss of its stars.

Products (or Ideas)

They must be duly registered/patented.

The negotiation will be between the parties by the direct use of the Register/patent (for production by prior contract with the parameters).


IPO (corporate capital opening), objective criteria for the acquisition of stars (scores).

1. Have all the opening documentations of companies. CNPJ, permits, State registration, etc...

2. the company must take physical place of work

3. Your partners must be individuals.

4. Must have balance sheet auditable every 3 months.

5. There may be no prior debts pending in other financial systems.


Managing this project is necessary to segment it by areas of knowledge, along with a credibility to get to the point that there are no major changes in the base project.

Specific changes in appearance, accessibility, interface, and data management should have a routine for continuous improvement and adaptation of the project.

A cryptocurrency of a blockchain will balance the business done within the site environment, making its value the value of the company's assets. All trades will be made in this currency that would be valued with the increased business made and devaluate with the decrease of turnover. Being in a blockchain the business between the parties can be signed (as in a contract) and were registered in a free and verifiable environment so that there are no possible frauds.

Generating 2 business environments: first for business companies by people (an environment where only people can negotiate companies) and second to business products and processes by companies (where companies can negotiate processes and purchases of records and Patents for production).

Star system for sorting.

In the first item to the negative evaluation there should be justification is can be corrected both by those who evaluated and by the managers of the system. (In case of non-evaluation or revaluation enters the first impression of those who evaluated).

(1/4) Community Assessment (Win star If you have 2/3 positive evaluation)

(1/3) Documentation, manuals and control programs

(1/2) Balance sheet and inventories

(1) Formal acquisition on our part

(3/2) Who pays dividends

Companies registered without documentation cannot be negotiated.

Financial management

Finance management will be done on 2 levels:

With the sale of our cryptocurrency that will be backed up in the company's balance sheet, transactions between national currencies and our cryptocurrency will have a rate (not yet calculated, should contain bank fees) on the transaction (as Exchange does). Start at 2.5%

The value of the company will be calculated with a multiplier by the risk factor in the acquisition of the undertaking.

The total of available currencies will be multiple of 100 (to represent the 100% of the company's shares directly), and it can be sold at a rate of 1% for the first 8 weeks, decreasing to 1% for the next 34 months, 1% in the following years until reaching the tot 49% of Total, the remaining 51% will be made available to the founding members who can disperse their dividends in the system according to their wishes.

Total Traded currencies = fixed value per unit

Scatter chart by participants

Total currencies to be traded/total currencies available for trading.

Every negotiation runs the algorithm.

Trigger in the algorithm: it only values the 2 incoming ˚ and devalues in the 1 ˚.


Portfolios are where the resources and information of currency purchases and product titles are available.


The blockchain will have the characteristics of ethereum (a blockchain that has in its data structure the possibility of, in addition to the transactions, write minutes along with the transactions made).

The computational power of growth of this blockchain will be provided by each computer that is negotiating its companies (as if they were mining).

Free currency, backed only by the company itself.

Any fraction of the currency can be traded to the corresponding values.

Platinum Digital Corporated PDC

Banking transactions should preferably be done by the following fintech

-Itau Unibanco

-Original bank




Initial/On Acquisition summary

The described business has relatively high start-up costs (with equipment, lodging, assembly and maintenance costs), but costs significantly decrease the

OBS Qty Vr.PDC Balances in Reais Purchase Price (R $) Discount (2.5%) Discount PDC Qty
Initial Currency Balance 100.000,00000000 R$ 1,00000000 R$ 1.000,00000000 R$ 100,00000000 R$ 2,50000000 R$ 97,50000000 97,50000000
First purchase 99.902,50000000 R$ 1,00097595 R$ 900,00000000 R$ 250,00000000 R$ 6,25000000 R$ 243,75000000 243,51234375
Second purchase 99.658,98765625 R$ 1,00342179 R$ 650,00000000 R$ 450,00000000 R$ 11,25000000 R$ 438,75000000 437,25380834
Third Purchase 99.221,73384791 R$ 1,00784371 R$ 200,00000000 R$ 100,00000000 R$ 2,50000000 R$ 97,50000000 96,74119050
Fourth Purchase 99.124,99265741 R$ 1,00882731 R$ 100,00000000 R$ 50,00000000 R$ 1,25000000 R$ 48,75000000 48,32343392
Fifth Purchase 99.076,66922349 R$ 1,00931936 R$ 50,00000000 R$ 25,00000000 R$ 0,62500000 R$ 24,37500000 24,14993812
Sixth purchase 99.052,51928536 R$ 1,00956544 R$ 25,00000000 R$ 25,00000000 R$ 0,62500000 R$ 24,37500000 24,14405158
Total R$ 1.000,00000000 R$ 25,00000000 971,62476621

Maintenance and sporadic restructuring of the base system, algorithms and visibility and propaganda.

With a curatorship of projects (a personalist analysis saying which project is more advantageous to the investor through investment markers), it will require a rigorous registration of both people and companies.

The resources for maintaining the entire business structure for this project must come from the funds from the billing fees of the currency conversion financial transaction and from the initial sales of the company's currencies to the public. All value acquired with the transactions must be reserved for the payment of redemption of the users.

You can access specific parts of the blockchain where your transactions occurred.

Companies that bankrupt or do not pay their dividends, their partners are prohibited from negotiating other companies in the system. (Until they pay their debts).

Companies capture resources for their projects. Recompram your assets to make new assets available.


The business presented through this, has unlimited potential for interaction among people, and can face large social network models presenting an innovative proposal and a purely interaction in the business model and management of companies.

Each social network has a specific functionality, with Facebook being the network of people and collective memories, Twitter the network of fluid information, Instagram a visual network of moments, Youtube the network of videos, the LinkedIn network work encounter. Unlike all these, this business will bring the missing environment to negotiate new products, acquisition of projects and negotiation between legal entities or acquiring them.

Bringing reality an environment that exists within the means of values, where one expects results for the speculation of a company, can follow from the birth of a project until its maturity.

A way to invest, maintain the liquidity of products. A currency for purchase, resource acquisition and business formalization.

Market analysis

Today we have a regional and global environment (including countries where their state economic guidelines depride them of a richer and more diversified business environment so that these ideas can flourish more easily), very proactive for an integration of Business, a network of proliferation of enterprises.

With 16 million Internet users in Brazil we have a growing environment and waiting for all kinds of innovation.

Bring access and possibilities to be inserted into the network business model, in an easy and managed way.

Market segment

Despite belonging to a very large group of social network, where each has its goal, business segment over the internet is still little segmented and poorly explored, where the largest of this segment is LinkedIn, with users focused on the interaction person to person in Job market Search.


As each country has its legal, accounting criteria it is very difficult to realize this idea in several different countries at the same time, here in Brazil Nobody does anything of the kind. Facilitating the interment at the regional level facilitates gradual expansion to the global scope.


The price policy will be all around the cryptocurrency itself, making it simpler to interact with different groups. Charges will be percentage of transactions (as stated in financial management).

Valuation of charges for other activities will be according to the market and hiring.

Advertising and Promotion

So that there is no expansion out of control, an end-to-end expansion will be made for guests, then guests of the guests, so on, in geometric progression to the opening for registration.

The guests, at first, will come from a list of entrepreneurs and investors and friends, each 1 shall have 100 invitations to release.

Tutorials of concepts and how to act on the platform will be done in video to better understand the format of the platform.

Events with demonstratives with currency operating shows.

Large-scale events using our cryptocurrency as a monetary system.

Strategy and implementation

An effort in 2 front will be made for the implementation of the blockchain and another for visual creation and interface of the prototype. When finished the steps a server itself will be implemented for better resource management.

The unification of the fronts with algorithms for each must be tested for no data conflict.

For the value of the currency and/or companies has the algorithm that will be rotated to each transaction that calculated the amount of coins on the amount of bids for acquisition. (Validating each business cycle by stipulating a new value for new trades).

With all the previous steps completed there will be 3 invitations firing waves, to better manage the performance of the first few weeks.

Successive events for the dissemination of the currency and presentations for corporate inclusions.

Data completion and processing.

Linked programs

A virtual wallet to use the currency in the registered business (transfer of money between people and for use in the trade). Create a sales invoice when it is business to customer and a reference when it is between people within the blockchain.

Kids version, an interactive game of buying and selling business assets, keeping the same logic of the site but with a fictitious money and fictitious business.

In the Advertising News tab of the companies will be negotiated to increase the visibility of companies traded in the environment of the page. You will have business analysis for investors at no additional cost to companies.

Programas vinculares

Program to control the company's internal accounting.

Program/application/Mobile registration of companies (items marketed) with prices in reais (locked) transforming into PDC, creating a shopping list and generating a form of payment on PDC (in the molds of iFood but on site).

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